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From clients:

"Millie's Miracle! I recently fostered a young German shepherd, badly traumatized after a car accident. She was too terrified to leave the room to ‘potty’ or to even look out the door. As she had no collar when she was found, the veterinary staff had had to use a noose type leash on her and she became frantic if she even SAW a leash at my house. It was heartbreaking to witness her fear. Jyl came over to assess the dog and had told me that it sometimes took only one session of TTouch to alter a dog’s perception of his surroundings. The results were astounding after just one session of therapy. Everything was done gently and slowly and I watched in disbelief as this shivering, trembling dog who cowered under my desk was soon walking outside for the first time in days. Jyl really did perform a miracle on this poor dog who continues to recover from her mental and physical scars, and even has a potential adopter!" - MW

"Jyl has a unique style of dog training that uses her expertise as the foundation to her lessons and fun as the way to remember them. She has helped me train both my senior dog and my active rescue puppy. Her experience, patience, and talent have proven to be invaluable as she finds creative solutions to a range of problems." - JH

"Jyl can instantly read a dog's emotions. I know how to observe a dog's tail and ears, but Jyl demonstrated that she is exceptionally gifted at knowing what a dog is feeling. It seems like a 6th sense with her. Participating in Jyl's class did increase our dog's confidence, and it gave us a greater understanding of how he adapts and learns." - BH

"I have attended several classes of Jyl's and I have always been very impressed. One class I had with her was training for dogs with social issues and physical set backs. She handled all of them so well. The dogs really trust her and are at ease. She was always so great with our dog and made every class really fun. I highly recommend her." - LH

"I had the experience of working with Jyl at the Lee Mannix Center, as a trainer for rescue dog classes and with my own pups. Jyl is extremely knowledgeable and a very talented trainer. She has a particular knack for getting in the minds of rescue dogs, who may have problematic behaviors to address. We also worked with Jyl to prepare our two dogs for the arrival of a new baby in the household. We have so appreciated her compassion, dedication, and expertise!" - JF

"Jyl is a knowledgeable trainer but also a lot of fun. She is a good problem solver. I have a dog who is not treat-motivated, and Jyl helped us successfully complete a Rally Obedience class. Jyl told me whatever Tristan did was OK as long as he was having fun. Once I relaxed and didn't have any expectations, we had more success and more fun!" - DH

"Jyl's training style is positive, encouraging, welcoming, and completely FUN for both dog and owner/handler. The classes we attended had dog/handler teams at different places in their training, and Jyl easily adjusted her training, so that each of us felt she was teaching at 'our' specific place in the learning curve. Just the right balance of learning and laughter!! I'm certain my dog would LOVE it if we lived close enough to be in Jyl's classes all the time!! :o) Happy training!" - Vicki & "B"

"My husband and I have really noticed a difference in our chihuahuas' personalities since we started training with Jyl. Their temperament toward other people has completely changed, and their behavior is much improved. Not only did Jyl train them - she trained us." - AP

"Hi Jyl! Thanks so much for checking in! Things have been going well. I was actually planning to reach out to you soon because I feel like we have come a long way using your advice. I’ve made a point to spend one on one time with both dogs and bring out high value toys for special play sessions. These have been really helpful making Zephyr all around happier, and more comfortable with having Brooke around. In the last 72 hours I have seen a switch flip for Brooke. She has calmed down significantly and seems much more adjusted to the house. She has been much more comfortable letting me work through my day and I’ve also seen her respecting Zephyr’s space and food more. She is becoming a model pup and I see a lot of potential for her in the future. Thanks for reaching out! I appreciate all the help. - Taylor H"

"Oh Jyl, you are like a magician that sat in my living room and changed our world. I had no idea how much easier it all could be without them barking at people who come over." - MD